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Class 1 Jobs

you should consider getting a class 1 driving job. In this difficult economy, most people are looking for ways to make extra cash. People are flocking to the most common jobs in attempt to acquire a spot. However, there are some jobs that most don’t know about, leaving room and little competition in those areas. One of these jobs is class 1 driving. The field is relatively un-contended, leaving room for prospective employees. Also considering that businesses and companies with class 1 driving jobs are constantly looking for professional and qualified individuals to take up these jobs, creating plenty of class 1 driving jobs in Southampton. Not only is it an easy job to get once you have met all the requirements, but it is also a fun and adventurous job. Class 1 licence is a specially classified licence, meaning it requires special procedures and standards of qualifications. In order to earn a class 1 driving licence, the prospective must have a normal driving licence, be over the age of 18, and must have taken the normal driving test after the year 1997. If these requirements are met, the prospective may choose to enrol in a C1 course which generally lasts for a little over 30 hours for a period of 3 weeks. These courses are meant to help the individual get acquainted with special rules and guidelines that C1 driving entails in addition to actual driving practice to help the learner be acquainted with rules of the road. Alternatively, the individual may choose to skip the course and go directly to the test. The C1 driving test assesses the knowledge and ability of the prospective driver on Class 1 driving. It includes an assessment of theoretical knowledge of operations and procedures as well as practical skills in C1 driving.Following a successful test, the licensed class 1 driver is now eligible to apply for class 1 driving jobs Southampton. Such jobs may require the employer to work night shifts and drive HGV, LGV and lory vehicles. The driver will be charged with the duty of moving vehicles from one point to another at the instructions of the employer and at an agrees upon salary. If looking for a career or an additional source of money in Southampton and you meet the qualifying criteria above, then you may want to consider getting a class 1 licence and eventually, a class 1 driver.