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Class 2 Jobs

There are many types of vehicles on the roads. Example are regular cars, vans and trucks. Some of these vehicles require that a person have a special license to operate them. To drive a truck or trailer, one requires to have a Class 2 driving license. After getting it, you can then get Class 2 driving jobs Southampton.

If you have a class 2 driving license, you can get a job with a firm in Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate in Southampton. The job will pay you between 9.00 and 10.00 pounds per hour. Once you get the job, there is the possibility of permanent recruitment after you prove to be a good driver. Currently, there are 11 applications for the job. As such, you should ensure that you place an application as well.

Jevington Enterprises Limited is offering a job for a driver with a class 2 driving license. The job will require that you drive into and out of Fareham, Southampton. You will earn 10.00 pounds an hour. The work will involve you driving 15 to 20 deliveries everyday to businesses. Your workday will begin at 5.00am. Thus, it is a full time job. There are currently 2 applications already posted for this job. Ensure you post yours too.

Another class 2 driving job opportunity is provided by Jevington Enterprises Limited. This job will require that you drive in and around Eastleigh and Fareham in Southampton. If you can drive a HGV or LGV Class 2 tipper, then you should apply for this job. You can begin working immediately. If you don’t have any tipper experience, then you can get trained on the job. However, if you do have some experience, then consider yourself a preferred candidate for the job. You will earn between 25,000 and 27,000 pounds every year. 11 applications are already in. make yours the twelfth one.

Interaction Recruitment Jobs is offering a job opportunity for drivers with Class 2 licenses. The job is based in Fareham, Southampton. You can earn between 8.00 and 9.00 pounds per hour while working here. Moreover, the job is consistent. If granted the job, you will work as part of a removals team. Your work will involve packing, loading and unloading personal property at people’s residences. Currently, there are no applications for this job. Thus, put in your application and be the first. Corr Recruitment Jobs has opportunities available for class 2 drivers. These jobs are based in Andover, Southampton. The ob pay quite well at between 11.00 and 16.00 pounds per hour. You