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Hampshire HGV Jobs

HGV Jobs Hampshire


Are you a trained HGV driver or porter aspiring to work with a stable company around Hampshire? Then count yourself lucky. Hampshire offers you an opportunity to work with supermarkets, major retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to transport their goods to destinations around Britain and other European countries.

You are expected to transport, supervise or help in loading and offloading goods such as:

  • Raw materials and products to and from manufacturers and major suppliers
  • Petroleum and fuel products
  • Wholesale goods
  • Various types of foodstuffs


HGV Porter Jobs

If you feel physically fit to handle manual work and wish to work with a long distance lorry or truck, then companies based in Hampshire are there for you. All you need to do is register with one of the HGV jobs agencies and look forward to being fixed with one of the companies in question.

The company will require you to be good at time keeping, so that you can always be available when you are required to load and offload goods. These companies work with time, and you need to be punctual so as not to inconvenience the company and customers, working in depots, warehouses and distribution centers.

The companies pay you a good amount of pounds per hour, and working for around forty hours a week sees you make an encouraging amount in a year.


HGV Driver Jobs

HGV drivers are in great demand in Hampshire today, seeking to fill in upcoming opportunities in the highly growing industries and to replace retiring drivers. They allow you to either drive Lorries, trucks and tankers of up to 7.5 tonnes, or put you in a category that drives 7.5 tonnes and above, depending on your ability and experience.

The companies that deal with HGV will offer you an opportunity to advance in your HGV driving experience, while exploring different parts of the country and the continent at large. You will make new friends in your career, while enjoying something you probably have a passion for, driving. Most companies will give you an average of forty working hours in a week.

The companies usually pay their drivers well, ensuring that the lowest a driver gets is about seven pounds an hour to begin with. They will also allow their drivers to have extra working hours, and though they may not exceed certain hour limits to ensure that your concentration is maintained, you will have several pounds added to your pockets.

The candidate driver is expected to have been trained in driving, which is proven by their holding a driver’s license. They should also have a Drivers Certificate in Professional Competence, Driver CPC to prove that they can drive the heavy goods vehicles. Most companies in great demand of these drivers will even offer HGV courses to potential drivers and training to inexperienced individuals, mostly involving the 7.5t vehicle driving.

The driver should be ready to travel for long distances, thus ensure they can concentrate and be alone for long hours. Their health and eyesight should be great to ensure they can do this efficiently. They should also sacrifice frequent visits to their homes, as they will even have to spend most nights in other locations far from home.

The companies look for dedicated and reliable people who can be trusted with goods worth a lot of money, transporting and getting them to their destination safely. The drivers should also be physically fit, as they will be helping in loading and offloading if not supervising the work.

The driver should be able to communicate in English, as most transactions will be done in UK. In addition to this, they should be people with the ability to practice politeness so as to maintain the company’s relationship with the customers.

The HGV driving jobs Hampshire will require you to have excellent knowledge of the geography of UK and surrounding countries in order to be entrusted to a truck immediately after they pass the interview that might be set for candidates. Moreover they should have advanced understanding of the traffic rules and regulations in the routes they are expected to take, including the driving standards.

They should be great time keepers, so that they can effectively work as a link between the suppliers and buyers of the goods.

Additional functions that the HGV driving job requires you to do include:

  • Planning delivery schedules and routes with the managers
  • Following current traffic reports and changing routes if traffic jams or other road problems emerge in the main routes
  • Filling delivery documents and log books
  • Checking on the tires, brakes and oil functionality before and after the journey


Advantages of a HGV Job

When working with a HGV company, it is advisable that one is interested in advancing; using the skills and experience they will get to improve their status. A serious driver will finally get to drive their own truck or lorry, eventually getting a fleet for themselves. They can advance and work as freight managers, and even becomes instructors on specialized sectors such as dangerous goods safety.



You can easily get a heavy goods vehicle jobs in Hampshire through an agency that has been entrusted by the companies to hire drivers and porters. You can easily get the companies through the internet, as most companies today have websites.

Ensure that you analyze the websites to see their reputation, which you can gauge through professional reviews and customer feedback. The websites will guide you on the requirements needed in various companies, as some will insist on experienced heavy goods vehicle drivers with multiple references required. Others will insist on drivers in a certain age limit.

Be sure that the agency will fix you within a shorter time than you would get the job on your own. This is due to the fact that the agencies have earned themselves the loyalty of the HGV companies, out of several years of working together. You can also be sure to trust a reputable company that has won the trust of large companies to fix your needs.

Look for the company whose every requirement you meet with the agency you choose to work with, as this will assure you that you are more likely to get the job. If you are eighteen years and above and have the basic requirements named in every job, then be sure to get one of the best paying jobs as a driver or a porter.